ASC 606 - Revenue Recognition

Instructors: Mr. Ramanujam Narayan



Dear Participants 

Welcome to the Revenue Recognition Course! 

We're thrilled to have you, joining us for this exciting journey. In the weeks ahead, you'll explore the core revenue recognition principles and how they apply to finance. 

Our expert instructors will guide you through theory and practical applications. Your financial expertise will enhance our discussions, so please engage, share your insights, and network with your peers. 

Let's embark on this educational journey together, and we're here to support your success.

Course Curriculum

Day 1
Day 1 - Pre-Session Assessment
Day 1 - Live Session Recording (209:00)
Day 1 ASC 606 - Revenue Recognition (51 pages)
Day 2
Day 2 - Pre-Session Assessment
Day 2 ASC 606 - Revenue Recognition (90 pages)
Day 2 - Pre-Session Assessment

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